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Leo and Ashley's Tour of Dogs Parks in the area of Hamden CT

The 8 Cats, 4 Dogs, and 2 People who have lived in Leo's house


Trip to Washington, 2018

Trip to Pennsylvania, 2014

Trip to Arizona, 2012


Highline Train Tracks, NY City, 2013

Trip to Idaho for Eclipse, 2017

Trip to Queens and Brooklyn, 2009

Yale's Secret Societies, 2013


Northeast Regional Rocketry Festival (Amateur), NY State, 2011

Pima Arizona Military Aircraft Museum, AZ, 2012

Model Train Show, Eastern States Exposition, MA, 2013

Leo Taylor's Nighttime Astronomy Photographs

Most of the photos on this website were taken in light polluted Hamden Connecticut by an amateur whose first and largest telescope is a Meade 2080 LX-3 SCT purchased in Summer 1997. I hope to provide an example of what can be done by a novice under adverse conditions. All film photos were taken with a Pentax K1000. In Fall 2000 I built a small back-yard roll-off-roof observatory and bought an SBIG ST-7E. Most photos since 2000 are taken with the SBIG except for some Solar System objects taken with Phillips ToUcam. In November 2006 I bought a Pentax DSLR for color shots of objects the SBIG has trouble with. In April 2010 I bought an SBIG ST-4000XCM Color camera

SBIG: July 2017 M17, NGC 6503, Aug 2017 NGC 6871, M2, NGC 6995

Pentax DSLR: Apr (2016) Other/Orion, Moon crescent, M44 Wide, May 2016 Mercury Transit

Imaging Source:

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Tour Updated 6/2013
Messier Nebulas NGC Nebulas Part 1 NGC and IC Nebulas Part 2
Messier Galaxies NGC Galaxies Part 1 NGC Galaxies Part 2
Messier Clusters Part 1 Messier Clusters Part 2 NGC and IC Clusters
Planets Moon ToUcam Lunar 100
Sunspots/Venus Transit Satellites Comets
Other Objects Equipment Elizabeth Observatory

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